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Self-driving caravan grill HJMK braised oven

             Riders@ Oven Jun is a barbecue enthusiast, and he has been playing in RV for many years. At the same time, he is also a foodie. Barbecue + cold beer is his favorite. Over the past few years, he has walked a lot of places and used a lot of barbecue grills. The performance requirements of the grill are also Constantly improving, I think I can be regarded as an old driver in the barbecue industry. I drove to one of them some time ago. I found a ceramic braising oven weighing more than 200 kilograms, and I got it back from abroad! ! Never seen such a heavy grill! Let us have a new understanding of barbecue. It turns out that braising is the king of the barbecue industry. We roasted 2 floating pigs, a box of sweet potatoes, and a box of frozen chicken in one night! There are also various types of grilled skewers, the grilled meat is indeed different, more tender and not dry, which is really eye-opening! !

             I searched on the Internet and found that this thing is really available in China, and most of the brands are OEM in Jiangsu! Worthy of being a manufacturing country! ! I contacted several factories, asked for product catalogs, studied for 2 days, and finally ordered the HJMK 13-inch KAMADO braising oven, the latest external heating type braising oven, the main test is easy to carry, and the smallest one I buy , The diameter of the furnace body is about 35CM, the most important is the heating method, which can be heated by the cassette furnace used in the car.

             Because it is a factory order, there is no stock! ! After more than 10 days of long waiting, the goods finally arrived! I received the goods at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, and a few friends have already arrived home, and everything is ready, just the oven! The oven will dry as soon as it arrives.

             With years of barbecue experience, the first grilled chicken is perfect! Braising is more convenient than grilling. It does not need to be turned. Put it directly in after marinating and wait for it to be cooked. The oven is divided into upper and lower layers. It can bake 2 packets of chicken drumsticks at a time, and about 25 chicken drumsticks.

             After receiving the goods, I read the manual and found out that there are still a lot of functions. After taking out the two modules, you can also shabu-bake and teppanyaki functions. The riders present were all attracted by his easy-to-carry convenience and the effects of grilling, braising, and rinsing food. I have seen some outdoor barbecue grills before, which are traditional charcoal grills. Although the grills made look decent, it is really troublesome to clean up. Sometimes it takes half an hour to start a fire. The whole charcoal is everywhere. And it always feels unsafe, but HJMK Haiju’s HJ-13A, kamado braising oven really surprised me.

heating method:

             Let me talk about his heating method. At home, you can use a gas stove or electric ceramic stove in the kitchen. You can use a cassette stove or an alcohol stove outdoors. You can even use wood fire. But I haven’t tried it. If you want to use it, you have to make one. The stove is good, otherwise the plastic parts will be damaged! ! However, it is still not recommended to use firewood, because one is afraid of breaking the stove, and the other is a safety hazard.

Product Features:

             Its main functions are: braising, grilling, and simmering, the most important being braising, and braising foods are not easy to get angry. The other is that braising can roast large pieces of meat, roast sweet potatoes and corn, and use food temperature probes. You can see the rawness and maturity of the food intuitively.

scenes to be used:

             It can be used in the indoor kitchen, balcony, yard, if you want to go for a self-driving trip, you can also bring him.