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Grill the brisket in good flavor

Beef is the most popular among many meats, and it is also a very nutritious food. It can increase the body’s muscles, increase the body’s immunity, promote the body’s recovery, and also has the effects of replenishing iron and blood, and anti-aging. Such a good ingredient must be cooked well so that it will not be wasted because it is overcooked or undercooked. It is necessary to use BBQ cooking , the oldest cooking method and the use of currently popular food thermometers. When the roasting method is right, it can make the beef become tender and juicy on the outside, and no loss of nutrition; and the use of a food thermometer allows the grill chef to be more than capable of controlling the rawness of the brisket.

When BBQ cookt the brisket in the kitchen, you must know how well the beef is cooked; instead of guessing by visual inspection and cooking time, it is better to use a probe-type food thermometer to be more efficient and accurate; when measuring the temperature of roast brisket, set the temperature of food you want to reach,insert the thermometer probe into the thickest part of the beef and keep it away from bones, fat, or piercings. When the temperature reaches the preset temperature, the thermometer will give an alarm to remind you that the roast brisket can be out of the oven at this time.

Tips for using food thermometers:

Food thermometers are often in contact with raw meat and should always be washed before and after contact. Wash the thermometer with hot soapy water by hand, but do not immerse it completely in water. However, some thermometers are waterproof, so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper handling.

Use an ice bath to check accuracy:

Checking the accuracy of a food thermometer is an important step to ensure that it measures the temperature of food correctly. You can do this by pouring ice water in a large glass and placing the thermometer at least two inches.

Besides used food thermometer,It’s also important to choose the proper BBQ grills.The populared charcoal kamado grill, is very suitable for grilling and smoking the brisket;This kind of BBQ grill can quickly lock the brisket’s nutrition,make it tender and juicy with special charcoal flavor.

The kamado grill launched by HJMK ,Is suitable for home kitchen used,which is more convenient and faster to roast brisket;A single BBQ cook can offer foods for 2~5 people.Now you can easily make the delicious flavor of brisket at home like a three-stars restaurant .