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The most complete list of barbecue party “10 barbecue must-haves”

             Friends need to get together often to learn from each other and exchange experiences. Barbecuing is an ideal excuse for friends, family and neighbors to get together, and it is also a way of communication for young people. You don’t need much to host a great barbecue party, but if you want to pursue perfection, you need our ultimate list of 10 essentials for a perfect barbecue party.

1. Find the best grill for you

             If you are grilling outdoors, you can choose charcoal or gas as fuel. There are many grills to choose from. You only need to buy a grill or grill of a suitable size according to the number of people. Gas grills tend to be easier to ignite and cleaner, but charcoal grills are cheaper and have a unique smoky barbecue flavor. The biggest disadvantage of charcoal grilling is the smoky fire, especially during the ignition period, it may take up to 40 minutes to reach the optimal grilling temperature, and the gas is almost instantaneous.

             If you are grilling at home, you can buy a “HJMK Haiju Mini KAMADO Oven”, which supports grilling, braising, and simmering, and can be placed directly on the gas stove. The product is divided into upper and lower layers. It is very convenient to braise ingredients for 2-5 people at a time.

2. Barbecue fuel

             Remember your barbecue fuel, otherwise your barbecue process may lose the chain! For gas barbecues, you need to buy enough gas tanks. Of course, if you use the “HJMK Sea Poly Braising Oven” to use kitchen gas, you don’t need to worry about fuel. For charcoal barbecue, you need to prepare enough charcoal and igniting liquid. It is recommended to buy “household solid alcohol blocks” and don’t forget a lighter.

3. Tin foil

             Tin foil is a must-have item for grilling, especially for novices. Tin foil can be used for many purposes. It can be laid flat on the grill and grilled on the foil so that the food is not easy to burn. At the same time, the meat can be wrapped in the foil. Barbecuing, this can prevent the oil fingers from dripping into the oven to produce thick smoke after contact with the heat source, increasing the fire.

4. Barbecue utensils and accessories

          If you want to do a good barbecue, you need the right tools;

      1. The grill clip, which is used when turning the barbecue, can keep your hands away from the heat source.
      2. Heat-resistant gloves to prevent burns.
      3. Knives, marinade brushes, and an apron.
      4. Pliers or disposable gloves, wet paper towels are needed when you enjoy the food.

5. Meat thermometer

             It is very important to ensure that it is fully cooked when grilling. Many times, the surface is scorched by mistake, in order to ensure that the meat is cooked well in the middle. The food thermometer can intuitively see the temperature in the middle of the meat, and judge the degree of rawness by the temperature. The internal temperature of roasted chicken is 79°C, the internal temperature of fully cooked pork is 79°C, and the internal temperature of mature beef 5 is 63°C. This will ensure that your guests can eat the most professional barbecue.

6. Steel ball cleaning brush

             The most unintentional thing about grilling is to clean the grill and use cleaning tools to get twice the result with half the effort. It is recommended to soak the grill in the water overnight, which will have unexpected results. Cleaning the grill every time after grilling will extend the service life and will not affect the taste of the food during the next grilling. A brush can be used on the baking tray because it will not scratch the surface. Stainless steel and cast iron parts can be cleaned with steel wire balls.

7. Garden furniture

             Relaxation and comfort are the keys to enjoying a barbecue. Prepare enough tables and chairs for your guests to use. Picnic rugs are a fun and simple way to make more space for children. Accessories such as tablecloths, parasols, candles and flower vases are all unique. Don’t forget the music when setting up the barbecue. Find a safe and sturdy location for your speakers that is not in the way but close enough to provide some subtle background music.

8. Outdoor fan or heater

             It depends on whether it is in summer or winter. Organizing barbecues in Ireland means dealing with unpredictable weather. Just a cool breeze can reduce the atmosphere of the barbecue party. In order to ensure that guests have a more comfortable ring mirror, please prepare an outdoor fan or heater, which can allow you to continue the party when night falls.

9. Outdoor lighting

             When the sun goes down, with outdoor lighting, the fun does not need to end, you can easily add luster to your party and make the most of the night.

10. Grilling ingredients

             The grocery store needs to do some preparation before grilling. Write down a shopping list of all the food, beverages and condiments you need, as well as paper towels/napkins and cleaning supplies. Do you have enough glasses and plates, or do you need paper plates and disposable cups? What are you going to cook? Outline a rough menu, including main dishes, drinks, and desserts.

             Barbecue party food:

             Grilled ingredients: burgers, sausages, chicken skewers, prawns, sweet corn, peppers, ribs, barbecue.

             Drinks: homemade punch, lemonade, ice tea, wine and beer.

             Dessert: Pavlova, fruit salad and ice cream.

             Finally, there is one more thing you need to do ———accompany!

             Barbecuing is an ideal excuse to bring friends, family and neighbors together. There is nothing more helpful to create a party atmosphere than the right people, and what better way to show your cooking skills!