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Is smoke-free barbecue really smoke-free? The basic principle of smokeless grill

             Barbecuing is the favorite of many young people. It is necessary to buy a grill that suits you. Is a smokeless grill really smoke-free? ? There are many barbecue products on the market now, all of which promote smoke-free barbecues, but in fact, it is impossible to achieve completely smoke-free without going through a special smoke exhaust system. Even using electric grill or gas. Because the fat will smoke when it reaches the smoke point, smoking is the process by which the fat is decomposed into glycerin and free fatty acids when heated. But there is fat in meat itself, even if you don’t put cooking oil!

             Many friends find that there is no oily smoke in the rotisserie. That is because there is a smoke exhaust system in the lower part of the grill, so you can’t feel the oily smoke! The smokeless grills that are usually purchased cannot be completely free of oil fume. But it can be light oily fume. A small amount of soot is completely acceptable. Saying goodbye to the smoke and fire is the basic environmental requirement of a barbecue party. The HJMK sea poly kamado stew oven has subverted the traditional impression of barbecue (smoky, smoky, ash , Can’t be posted in Daya Hall), and made the most perfect interpretation of “Taste Limit”, which can be called the most tasteful in the world (Proposal for Charcoal Grilled Life).

The working principle of the smokeless grill:

             Whether it is charcoal, gas, or electric grills, the biggest oily smoke comes from insufficient combustion, and the grease and seasonings in the barbecue are in contact with pyrogens. For example, charcoal will have smoke when it is initially ignited, but there will only be a small amount of smoke after it is fully burned. The better quality charcoal basically has no smoke. It only releases carbon monoxide, which is colorless and tasteless. However, if the grease is dripped, flames and smoke will burst instantly. The same goes for gas and electric heating.

             The most effective smoke-free treatment is to completely separate the food from the heat source through indirect roasting, which can minimize oily smoke.

             HJMK kamado external heating type braising oven can be heated by gas stoves, outdoor cassette stoves, electric ceramic stoves, etc. It is a light oil fume type braising oven, indirect “simmering” system, restoring traditional kiln baking The principle is to quickly lock the delicious juice of the food, highlight the “original flavor” of the food to obtain a more unique and perfect taste.