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What Are The Parts Of A Mini Kamado Grill?

What Are The Parts Of A Mini Kamado Grill?

A mini kamado grill parts combine by top vent, stainless steel cooking grid, surface cover, thermometer, furnace lid hinge, baking pan, oil tank, heat conduction furnace core and inner liner. Now, let’s take a look at the parts that make up the mini kamado grill:

mini kamado grill parts

Relying on the prototype of the egg-shaped kamado charcoal grill, the mini Kamado grill is more suitable for all kinds of residents without changing the production raw materials. 

The biggest differences between kamado charcoal grill and small kamado grill is their heating ways, which will result in the inner components of the kamado mini grill. What are the parts of it? Please see the picture above.

Mini Kamado Grill Parts

top vent

Also called rotary damper.This vent allows you to fine tune the cooking temperature in Kamado using a daisy-wheel device. You will be amazed at how accurately you can adjust the temperature using the top vents.

Stainless Steel Baking Net and Grill

The surface used to hold food when cooking. You can add chicken rack, cooking layer bracket, rib rack, stainless steel grill expander cooking grate etc. I recommend that you use the grate that comes with Kamado at least, you can consistently feel the benefits of cooking on it.

Surface Cover

Also known as Kamado’s lid or dome, which helps to form a nearly airtight seal when closed, and greatly helps keep warm and prevents unnecessary moisture from escaping from the cookware.

Used to display the current temperature inside the dome. Although it is known that the dome temperature is good, it is more important that the cooking surface temperature can differ by more than 50 degrees from the dome thermometer.

The hinge is the part that connects the Kamado dome to the base, and is usually the most overlooked part of Kamado. The hinge is the only thing that lies between the Kamado dome and the ground below it, so be sure to tighten it regularly.

Non-Stick Baking Pan

It can be grilled directly on this pan. It is generally suitable for sliced meat and vegetables, such as steak, pork chops, sausages, green peppers, asparagus, mushrooms, etc. Taking out the two modules of this pan and  the enamel oil tank and preparing a portable gas stove, you can have a Korean-style barbecue.

Enamel Oil Tank

This oil tank can hold the oil and juice from the grilled food in order to prevent they dropping directly to the heat conduction furnace core. 

8.Heat Conduction Furnace Core

The heat conduction furnace core is directly heated by natural gas or electric ceramic furnace, and in this way, heat energy is conducted in the furnace body. This indirect roasting method without direct contact with natural gas is also more environmentally friendly and healthy.

lnner liner:

This inner liner fixes the heat-conducting furnace core in the ceramic furnace body. At the same time, the two modules of the enamel oil tank and the non-stick baking pan are steadily loaded.