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How cooked is the best roast beef? Why is half-cooked steak more popular?

             Beef is the meat with the highest nutrient content and the most easily digested and absorbed by the human body. It is loved by people. Many friends like it in their leisure time. The HJMK sea poly braised grill is used to grill large pieces of beef and steak. How cooked it is, but at a loss! How well should the beef be roasted? Many people in China have shown resistance to beef that is 3 or 5 minutes cooked, and it is unacceptable! ! In fact, in terms of taste and nutritional content, half-cooked beef is accepted by more people, especially in European and American countries.

The taste of beef:

             From the perspective of taste, 5 mature beef tastes more tender, and the temperature of 3-5 mature beef is 55-63 degrees, over 63 degrees, the protein tissue and muscle fibers in the beef begin to shrink and become hard, and the gravy also begins evaporation! Therefore, most foreigners prefer to eat 3-5 minutes cooked before 63 degrees Celsius. At this time, the beef is more tender and juicy and easier to chew. But many Chinese people are unacceptable. When half-cooked beef is cut, red blood seems to flow out. Many people think that it is cow blood, but it is actually myoglobin, a protein in beef. The real blood will be slaughtered. Bloodletting is performed, and only a small amount of blood remains in the position of the heart. Some friends may wonder why there is no such red liquid after it is ripe! This is because high temperature will change the color of myoglobin. The higher the temperature, the darker the color will become. Therefore, beef with different temperatures and different degrees of maturity will show different colors of myoglobin. From the habits and taste of Chinese people, 7-8 mature, which is more common. At this time, the beef is basically cooked and the meat quality is not too dry. It is more suitable for us who are not used to eating raw food.(mini Kamado)

High protein beef:

             Beef is a kind of meat rich in high protein. The content of vitamin B12, amino acids and folic acid is high. However, the protein content of beef may be damaged and reduced after cooking at high temperature for a long time. Therefore, it is not recommended to filter from the nutritional point of view. Too cooked, firstly, high temperature will damage the protein, and secondly, if it is charred and carbonized at high temperature, the protein will mutate into harmful substances. However, if you use the HJMK Haiju Braised Oven, there will be no scorching. It can be very intuitively judged by the thermometer that the beef is somewhat cooked at this time.

Healthy beef:

             Many people worry that the beef is undercooked, the bacteria and parasites in the beef tissue, there are safety risks. Because cattle are herbivores and feed mainly on grasses, the possibility of infecting parasites is very low. At present, domestic cattle breeding companies have a relatively high degree of modern breeding. Both the feeding loop mirror and the slaughter quarantine process are all A certain degree of protection has been obtained. Secondly, the tissue structure of beef is special. The bacteria are generally on the surface of the beef, and it is difficult for parasites or bacteria to multiply inside the beef, so there is no need to worry about infection. But you must go to regular markets and supermarkets to buy them. If you buy water-infused beef, it’s not good! !(mini-Kamado)