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Outdoor Picnic BBQ in Autumn

The cool and nice autumn is here. Do the friends who have been bored for a summer planing to go out for a picnic with several friends to reduce stress? It is also suitable for barbecue in cool Autumn days. Well, when you are away from home, you should also take good care of yourself and your friends, and have a rich and delicious barbecue lunch. Here is a small list of outdoor barbecues that you may need to bring. It should be able to offer a rich barbecue dinner for 3~5 people.

BBQ Grill and portable gas stove:

As the charcoal kamado grill is too big heavy volume and it takes long time for start lighting.This time carry with the mini portable gas bbq kamado grill,One touch to start grilling; Superior thermal insulation performance,keep the food always with fresh and warm taste even in outdoor occasion.Safe and convenient without any hidden danger of sparks for outdoor used.Also takes one portable gas stove and enough gas bottle .( A 220G bottle can burn for two hours.)

Ingredients: Brisket、Chiecken wing、Fish、The whole chicken、Corn、Sweet potato、Mushroom、Chives、Lotus root slices, Enoki mushrooms, Small steamed buns, Green peppers, Red peppers, Small tomatoes, Onions, Eggplants

Seasoning: oil, salt, black pepper, barbecue sauce, cumin powder, soy sauce, tomato sauce, chili sauce

Fruits and Beverage:Apples、Pears、grapes etc. Beer、Red wine、Cola.

BBQ Tools: Gloves、BBQ gripper、Wireless digital thermometer、Grill grid、Anti-scald tong、Tin foil、Oil brush

Picnic accessories: picnic cloth, disposable tableware, meat cleaver, bamboo skewers, paper towels, cleaning cloth, drinking water

The meat can be cut into slices and marinaded in advance when at home,Also the vegetable ingredients can be washed and cut for later used.Now you can carry out all the ingredients and tools go out for enjoying the picnic BBQ meal.