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What Are The Parts Of A Kamado Grill?

KAMADO ceramic smoker grill

Now, let’s take a look at the different components that make up the modern Kamado BBQ Smoker:

Although there are subtle differences between all Kamados.To a large extent, most of them are similar to the picture above.

Therefore, starting from the top of the picture above, you will notice the following parts:

Top vent: This vent allows you to fine tune the cooking temperature in Kamado using a daisy-wheel device. You will be amazed at how accurately you can adjust the temperature using the top vents, and I will explain exactly how to do this in a future article.

Stainless steel grate: The surface used to hold food when cooking. Although most Kamados are equipped with stainless steel grate, there are many options to customize the cooking surface to suit whatever you want to cook. You can add extension racks, swing racks, cast iron grates, griddles etc. Grate customization is easy to forget, but I recommend that you use the grate that comes with Kamado at least, as long as you can consistently feel the benefits of cooking on it.

Dome: Also known as Kamado’s lid. You will notice that the bottom of the dome is usually lined with a felt material, which helps to form a nearly airtight seal when closed, which greatly helps keep warm and prevents unnecessary moisture from escaping from the cookware.

Thermometer: Used to display the current temperature inside the dome. Although it is known that the dome temperature is good, it is more important that the cooking surface temperature can differ by more than 50 degrees from the dome thermometer.

Hinge: The hinge is the part that connects the Kamado dome to the base, and is usually the most overlooked part of Kamado. The hinge is the only thing that lies between the Kamado dome and the ground below it, so be sure to tighten it regularly to ensure you don’t walk outside and find a broken dome one day.

Fire Ring: The fire ring is a piece of ceramic, directly above the fire box, forming a space between the charcoal and the grate. You will usually fill your fire box up with charcoal to the bottom of the fire ring.

Fire Grate: A grate is a slotted part where you place charcoal and wood. It is located at the bottom of the fire box. Slots or holes in the grate allow small pieces of wood, charcoal, and ashes to fall for later disposal.

Fire box: The fire box is where you pour charcoal and place wood. The bottom of the fire box is equipped with a grate. The fire box is usually drilled with several holes on its side to allow air to flow and thus provide the oxygen needed to maintain the fire.

Bottom vent: The bottom vent is your main source of air, where Kamado will inhale the oxygen needed to maintain the fire. When grilling, I usually keep the bottom vents open at 100% to increase the air intake, which causes the temperature to rise. when smoking on the other hand, when I get close to the temperature I want, I close the bottom vent so that only about half an inch or so is open. Adjusting the bottom vents to reach the desired temperature requires some practice and will be covered in depth in future articles.

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