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How to control the temperature of Kamado

Kamado grill is a kind of barbecue stove that is very popular in European and American countries. It is different from the popular domestic kebabs. Kamado smoker is more suitable for roasting large pieces of beef, lamb chops and whole turkey. It is also suitable for smoking. More than ten hours of low and slow smoking cooking. This requires accurate control of the temperature of the ceramic charcoal grill to prevent the food from being scorched.

  1. Change the temperature by controlling the lighting time

Pair the charcoal into a tower at the bottom of the firebox, place one or two alcohol balls in the center, and ignite the charcoal with a electric igniter. After 15 to 20 minutes, all the charcoal will be ignited (the charcoal will be orange after being ignited).Spread the charcoal on the bottom of the oven, wait 5 minutes for the charcoal to turn into charcoal ash. Next, the temperature of the fire will gradually decrease ( The temperature of the charcoal will drop by 28~56°C from the beginning). When grilling at high temperature, you need to place the food on the cooking grid after the charcoal turns into charcoal ash (that is, 20-25 minutes after the charcoal is lit). When grilling at medium low temperature, you can let the charcoal burn for a longer time before putting the food.

2. Change the temperature by changing the way that charcoal is stacked.

Spread part of the charcoal into a double layer, and spread the remaining charcoal into a single layer, and leave a low-temperature zone without charcoal at the bottom of the firebowl. To control the temperature, you only need to move the food between the high temperature zone, the medium temperature zone, and the low temperature zone. The high temperature zone is used to bake the food crispy, the middle temperature zone is used to grill the food, and the low temperature zone is used to keep the food warm. (or cool the food that is about to burnt)

3. By controlling the top and bottom air vent

Oxygen can make the charcoal fire burn more vigorously. If there is no oxygen, the charcoal fire will go out. Indirect grilling can raise or lower the temperature by opening or closing the air vent. When grilling directly, the bottom airvent of the grill must be opened.

4. By regulate the height of the cooking grate

The closer the food is to the fire, the faster it will be cooked, and the farther the food is to the fire, the slower it will be cooked. The cooking grate of some charcoal BBQ grills can be raised or lowered to control the temperature. There are also cooking grate designs that are half high and half low, which are used to control the grilling temperature also.