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Low-Temperature Slow-grilled Steak

Low-temperature Slow-grilled Steak

HJ-13 external heat type, braising tutorial (for 3-5 people)
Juicy taste, super satisfying


95 points


95 points




Western style


40 minutes

Applicable number

3~5 people

Food Material:

Steak 1000g


Butter, kosher salt, black pepper diced, garlic, rosemary.


  1. Before roasting, check that the furnace body is clean and there is no residue. Impurities, grease, and water after carbonization will affect the taste and hygiene of the food.
  2. Wash the steak, dry the surface water, put salt and black pepper on each side (no need to pickle).
  3. Put butter and garlic in the pan and fry until golden on both sides, add steak and rosemary, and burn on both sides.
  4. Using the internal temperature probe, the temperature of half-ripe steak can be preset to 71°C (choose the degree of maturity according to personal taste).
  5. Preheat the oven to 100°C-120°C, then put the beef in, observe the probe thermometer until it reaches the preset temperature, then take out the steak.
  6. After dicing, the inside color is pink and tender, the water in the steak is basically not lost, the taste is juicy, and a full bite is super satisfying!