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Multi- ways to keep BBQ food from scorching

Charcoal barbecue is a kind of barbecue flavor that many people like, but if the food is scorch or raw due to unskilled barbecue skills, it will also greatly reduce the expectations of barbecue.

The two-zone heating method is an efficient barbecue method. Including direct heating (the food is on the charcoal block) and indirect heating (the food does not directly touch the open flame and the charcoal is heated next to the food). It is very important that both heating methods need to be available at the same time during the combustion process, especially if you use an open flame barbecue.

Direct heating is suitable for relatively small pieces of food, which can be cooked quickly, such as hamburgers, steaks, pork chops, boneless chicken nuggets, skewers, fish fillets, shellfish and vegetables. This method can effectively lock the taste and texture of the food while roasting the surface of the cooked food, and penetrate into the interior through the surface of the food. On the contrary, the indirect heating method is more suitable for large, thicker foods, which generally take longer time to cook. For example, smoking, smoked the whole chicken and brisket. The indirect heating method can also scorch the surface of the food, and the taste distribution of the food is more even than that of direct heating. The popular way of grilling in Europe and America is smoking with a lid, which is also a method of indirect heating; and they especially like to put large pieces of meat into the oven to make a low-slow-smoked . The surface of the grilled meat has been smoked black, but the inside is tender and juicy; after a long period of smoking, the meat has become very delicate and soft.

For the charcoal-style braising method, it is also very important to control the temperature; if the temperature is not well controlled, it is easy to cause the food to be burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. When controlling the temperature of the Kamado grill. In addition to using the top and bottom air vent to adjust the grilling temperature, the stacking method of charcoal can also be used cleverly to form  internal temperature difference, so that different ingredients can be grilled at the same time, thereby reducing the chance of food scorching. .

Three-zone heating method:

Three-zone heating method can also be used, which is more effective. Pile up charcoal on one side of the net to form a slope, and no charcoal on the other side. When the charcoal turns white, burn it for another 10 to 20 minutes until it becomes ashes. This area of charcoal has become a high-temperature area, a middle-temperature area in the center, and an indirect heating area on the other side.

Three-zone heating method:

The three-zone heating method can put the same amount of charcoal on both sides of the fire bowl, and the left and right zones can be directly heated (high, medium, and high temperature) and the middle zone can be indirectly heated. This method is very suitable for grilling meat with side heat, such as pork tenderloin and beef tenderloin.

In addition to the above charcoal stacking method, you can also use some barbecue accessories to control the barbecue temperature. For example, use half-moon or round pizza stones and heat deflector as tools for the temperature insulation zone. How to use the half-moon pizza slab: When grilling a variety of foods, you can put some easy-to-cook foods, such as fish fillets, small pieces of pork chops, ham and other foods on the half-moon pizza stone, and grill large pieces of brisket, the whole chicken on the grill grate. After the small pieces of meat are cooked and taken out of the oven, other large lump of meat, whole chicken, etc. can also be moved to the pizza stone to go on smoking, so that the food is grilled without any reason for being scorched.

When roasting whole chickens or whole pigs, large Kamado smoker are usually used. Used with the electric motor rotisserie, the whole chicken or whole pig is put on the electric kamado rotisserie fork, and then roasted over a medium-to-low fire. The automatic rotisserie can ensure that each side of the food is evenly heated and roasted, and at the same time, it does not need to manually turn the food.