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Several tips for BBQ Cooking

Recently, affected by bad weather in China, it has appeared in many places where the price of vegetables is higher than meat; for example, in some places, one catty of spinach can buy two catties of pork and three catties of chicken; With the cheapper price of meat. Have you grilled meat these days? Barbecue looks simple, but you must pay attention to it everywhere, like walking on thin ice, paying attention to the details of the barbecue; otherwise, it is easy to cause waste of ingredients. What are the specific things that need to be paid attention to during the kamado barbecue process?

  1. Pickling of ingredients: When pickling food, don’t overuse the seasoning, otherwise the taste is too heavy and it is difficult to swallow. You can add less salt and seasonings during the marinating process, and add dipping sauce to improve the taste of the food after the foods grilled;
  2. Barbecue temperature: Itis more difficult to handle the BBQ cooking temperature, especially when cook large pieces of meat. Such as large pieces of beef, whole chickens, pigs and other foods; as a green hand on BBQ cooking, you must practice several times to acquire certain skills and methods for handling fire;Most of the popular Kamado grill on the market now have set up a thermometer . This thermometer mainly displays the cooking temperature inside the ceramic It can be used as a reference for the temperature of grilled food, but it cannot be used as a measure of the internal temperature of grilled food. If you want to get a more accurate food temperature, you can buy a food thermometer to work with it. The actual temperature of the grilled food will be the same as the ideal temperature.

3.Barbecue heating: The charcoal Kamado oven is usually equipped with top and bottom air vents, which can be used as an important switch to adjust the barbecue temperature; for a single barbecue, it is best to add enough charcoal at one time, so as to avoid trouble and danger of adding charcoal to high-temperature barbecue;

4.Observe diligently and adjust the barbecue temperature in time: Although the kamado oven is grilled under the lid most of the time, some necessary barbecue work still needs to be carried out. For example, occasionally open the lid of the oven to observe the degree of rawness and ripeness of the food, to see if it is necessary to brush oil on the food and turn the food to prevent the charcoal fire from scorching the food;

  1. Calculate the barbecue time: Before you plan to roast a large piece of meat, you must reserve sufficient cookingtimefor the kamado oven to cookfood; Otherwise, a fast barbecue that is too hasty may cause the food to be cooked on the outside and raw on the inside.
  2. Leak-proof measures should be done in advance: some large pieces of meat with high fat content need to be placed under the food with a high temperature resistant container to receive grease oil before roasting. Because when the grease caused by high-temperature barbecue drips on the burning charcoal, it will produce strong smoke and bad smell, which will pollute the taste and effect the safety of food;
  3. Cleaning the kamado: Before grilling food every time, make sure that the grilling net, grilling grate etc. are clean and free of residue. Food cooked in a clean BBQ kamado can maintain its original flavor.

Have you handle the above details for kamado BBQ cooking?