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Outdoor barbecue must-have strategy

             Xinjiang’s lamb skewers are barbecued foods that we are familiar with earlier. With the continuous exchanges of world cultures, American, Japanese, European and other different flavors of barbecue are slowly being understood by the people of our country, and some new stoves and barbecue methods are known to everyone. Accepted. In some cities, supermarkets have a variety of barbecue utensils and food for sale, and barbecue as an outdoor activity is becoming more and more popular. However, in the face of these seemingly simple tools, it is not a good thing to make the barbecue not only full for everyone, but also for everyone to eat well. Not only are there many things to pay attention to during the barbecue, but there are also many things to be prepared before the barbecue. Let us take a look at them one by one below.

Barbecue tools

             It is recommended to use the HJMK KAMADO braising oven as a barbecue tool. It uses an external heating design. You can directly carry a small cassette stove for heating. An alcohol stove is also OK. It is more convenient. Don’t think about making a fire with wood when you are outdoors. Do barbecue! ! In addition, burning charcoal is not convenient to carry, and there is a safety hazard. Therefore, it is recommended to use a cassette stove 250ml gas tank that can burn for 2 hours, with 3 small cans for 6 hours. It is perfect for HJMK braising oven. This product supports braising, grilling, and boiling. According to personal preference and different ingredients, Choose different cooking methods, such as sweet potatoes, yam, and taro. It is difficult to roast if you use the barbecue method. Even if it is cooked, the surface will be burnt, but it can be braised for about 60 minutes and can be placed in the lower layer of the oven. Braised and grilled with other types of meat. Chicken and beef are placed on the upper level and cooked for about 30 minutes. After the upper level barbecue is cooked for 2 batches, the sweet potatoes and other miscellaneous grains on the lower level are just cooked.

             In addition, you need to bring barbecue clips, disposable gloves, tin foil, knives, cutting boards, and cushions. It is better to wear anti-scalding gloves for safety.

Venue time

             Prepare the food, seasonings, and stove and you can go to the wild for barbecue. But not all fields are suitable for barbecue. It is best to choose a place with good scenery and convenient transportation. Barbecuing is prohibited in some forest areas and reservoir areas, so you need to know in advance. Pay special attention to safety and fire prevention when choosing a venue. Also be careful not to choose places where there are more mosquitoes. Do not choose to grill in closed places such as caves and rooms to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Generally speaking, spring and autumn are suitable for barbecue season. Windy and rainy days are not suitable for outdoor barbecue.


             The choice of food can be based on their own tastes and preferences. Generally speaking, the foods suitable for barbecue include meat, fish and seafood, vegetables, fruits, pasta and soy products.

             Meat food is the main force of barbecued food. The choices are: mutton, mutton loin, beef, chicken wings, chicken fillet and so on. It should be noted that meat products are perishable, so you must choose fresh ones. It is recommended to go to the supermarket to buy marinated meat skewers, and check the shelf life when buying. If you have a picky requirement for the taste of meat, you can make it yourself. When making it, be careful not to choose frozen meat, and the meat should not be cut too large or too shredded. Marinate with salt, monosodium glutamate, ginger juice, onion juice and other seasonings. Fish and seafood can be selected: live fish, fresh squid, cuttlefish, live shrimp, hairy crabs, fresh shellfish skewers, etc. Pay special attention to the word ‘fresh’ when choosing. Live fish must first be scaled, gutted, washed, and marinated with salt and wine.

             Vegetables, melons and fruits can be adjusted to the type of barbecue, so that people will not feel too greasy. Potatoes and corn are the most popular of this type of food. Sweet potatoes, yams, taro, and greens are all good choices. These foods must be properly processed. Potatoes should be peeled and sliced; yam should be finer; taro and sweet potatoes should be of moderate size; green vegetables should be washed; garlic is especially recommended. Garlic has a unique taste when roasted, and garlic itself The effect of sterilization is very suitable for wild consumption. Some fruits and nuts such as apples, bananas, and walnuts can also be roasted and roasted to see if you like them. It should be reminded that chestnuts are easy to “explode” when they are roasted, so you should be especially careful, and it is best to cut a small cut first. There are ready-made vegetable skewers in the supermarket, and it is said that the grilled taste is good.

             You can choose pasta and soy products: steamed bread slices, bread slices, small sesame cakes, cooked small buns, tofu cubes, yuba, etc. These are all foods that everyone likes, and they can fill your stomach. Baked pasta also has the effect of nourishing the stomach, which is very suitable for friends with stomach problems. Most of the pasta does not need any seasoning when grilling. The aroma is already very attractive, but if the steamed bun slices are brushed with oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper, the taste will be even more beautiful. Tofu cubes and yuba are different, you need barbecue sauce to taste. If you choose tofu cubes, you can go to rest assured tofu shops and buy ready-made tofu cubes directly.

             The food should be processed at home. Peeling and slicing should be completed before departure. It is best not to leave the sliced food in the field for a long time to prevent oxidation and discoloration. The types of food preparation should be richer, not just meat skewers, meat and vegetable collocation. The amount of food should be determined according to the number of people, not too small, too little is not addictive, and not too much, so as not to waste.


             The basic seasonings are: cumin powder, salt and pepper (you can use it instead of table salt), black pepper, chili powder, blended oil, sugar water, and you can also choose different flavors of barbecue sauce according to personal preference.

             The seasoning recommends a series of small glass bottles produced by Shanghai McCormick. The small bottle is easy to carry, and the inner lid with small holes is easy to use. It is a good choice for home or outdoor. Blending oil is indispensable in barbecue, can make food easier to cook, while ensuring the freshness and tenderness of food. The blended oil is best packed in a glass bottle with good sealing performance. It can be poured into a cup during use and brushed on the food with a small brush. Sugar water can be excellent and enhance the taste when grilling. However, after a long time heating of sugar, it is easy to produce substances that are not conducive to human health, and sugar has higher calories, so it is recommended to use less and later. There are not many barbecue sauces in supermarkets. You can use other sauces such as hot sauce instead. If you are not afraid of trouble, you can make it according to your own preferences. Here are some homemade sauces.

  1. Carrot sauce; add a little soy sauce, chicken broth, salt, lemon juice, and MSG to the pureed carrots to make a moderate consistency.
  2. Bean paste; cooked bean paste with cooking wine, sugar, lemon juice, and ginger.
  3. Tomato sauce; add chili oil, soy sauce, salt, and chicken broth to tomato sauce.
  4. Sweet noodle sauce; add chili oil, soy sauce, sugar and lemon juice to the sweet noodle sauce.


             If you are using the HJMK braising oven, the barbecue process is very convenient. You only need to put the marinated meat, put it on the cassette stove to heat it, add a small amount of oil when marinating, and you don’t need to cook it. flip. The food temperature probe is set, and the automatic alarm is done when it is cooked. At this time, you can read a book leisurely, chat with your friends, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature. The alarm will remind you when the food is cooked.

Other things about barbecue

  1. If you are bringing a child, pay attention to safety. It is the child’s nature to love to move. If the child is too young, do not let him near the fire to avoid burns. Don’t let the child do it.
  2. Barbecuing in the wild is best to go with activities such as fishing, outing, cycling, bird watching, star watching, etc. It will be more fun.
  3. It is a good idea to bring a few hammocks, especially children will like it. If you can bring a floor mat, you can sit and sleep comfortably, and it is available at outdoor stores.
  4. Bring some wet tissues and facial tissues and paper cups. Bring enough drinking water.
  5. Since it is a barbecue in the wild, the clothing should be in line with the wild environment, and wear more casual. It is best not to wear leather shoes.