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Why do you need a food thermometer probe for braising?

             Braising is a pleasant experience. It is necessary to use a food temperature probe to judge the rawness and maturity of the barbecue. Without a food probe, it will cause unnecessary stress. The difference between undercooked food and cooked food Only a few degrees. Using a meat thermometer when grilling can ensure that all your food is delicious and cooked to the extent you want. After all, a piece of undercooked or overcooked roasted meat directly affects your appetite, not to mention the health and safety risks.

             Everyone thinks that they can judge whether it is cooked or not; when the surface is browned, the chicken is cooked; when the steak is hard to the touch, it is 5 minutes of ripeness; if the surface is burnt, it is cooked. In fact, this is not reliable. This method often misjudges and results in poor taste. These foods are either undercooked or overcooked. In fact, it is difficult to measure the internal temperature based on appearance or touch. Even the time is not reliable, the cooking time of each piece of meat is different.

             What is the purpose of the probe thermometer; for grilling and braising, the temperature probe is usually used to monitor the ambient temperature of the braising oven or the temperature of the food you are cooking, such as beef, which can be intuitively judged by the thermometer.

             Using a probe thermometer, you can check the temperature of the food in the braising oven at any time, because different foods need to be cooked at different ambient temperatures. Sometimes you want to keep the low temperature and slow roasting at around 110 degrees Celsius and 230 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to braise for a long time, because slow roasting can maintain the flavor of the ingredients to the greatest extent, and at the same time ensure that the inside of the meat does not lose moisture, and the roasted meat is more tender and juicy. Sometimes, you will want to heat quickly at around 135-150 degrees Celsius and 275-300 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, different ingredients, different roasting methods, different food portions, and roasting time are different. It cannot be simply judged by time. It is not recommended to always open the lid to observe for braising. At this time, the food temperature probe can help you intuitively. Know the peak temperature.

             The food probe can also be your reminder alarm. When the food reaches the temperature you set, it will give an alarm! Prevent food from over-roasting. The temperature of the food is safely monitored throughout the braising process to ensure that it will not be overcooked.

             It is also important to use it to monitor and ensure safe temperatures when cooling, reheating and thawing food. Depending on the thermometer, it can provide you with accurate temperature values during the barbecue cooking process.

             How to use the temperature probe; use the food thermometer probe with your HJMK sea poly braising oven, refer to the following table.