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The 6 most common mistakes in barbecue

             Foodies can’t refuse the deliciousness of barbecue. When the oven arrives, they can’t hold back their eagerness. However, if you are inexperienced and use the wrong method to grill, it will affect the taste of the ingredients, and even affect Jiankang. A pot is unqualified. Barbecuing is not good, but it will cause stomach discomfort and get angry. How to make barbecue eating healthy? Today, I will talk about the things to pay attention to during the barbecue, so that mother will no longer worry about your unhealthy eating barbecue.

Mistake 1: Start roasting directly before roasting, instead of cleaning and cleaning first.

             Before you heat things up, clean everything up-it’s that simple.

             When you use the oven for the first time in summer, clean it with steel wool. Of course, the high temperature of the oven will kill all pathogens, but the steps of cleaning and maintaining hygiene will ensure food safety and stop food-borne diseases. The most effective way is to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, because there may be birds or others in the soil. Biological feces.

Mistake 2: Skip the warm-up phase.

             After preparing the grill, be sure to turn on the fire in advance. High temperature can kill all pathogens that may exist. At the same time, after the grill is cleaned, there may be a small amount of water in the inner wall and the oil tank, which can quickly evaporate by heating to avoid impact Taste and contaminated ingredients. This can also ensure sufficient heat, which can evenly and thoroughly cook the food. In the absence of a food thermometer, it can be more accurate to judge whether the food is cooked.

Mistake 3: The outer meat is burnt and darkened if it is too charred.

             The biggest hazard in grilling is the accidental eating of burnt meat. There are harmful substances in burnt meat. In order to avoid burnt, it is best to wrap it in aluminum foil and bake it, or use the HJMK sea poly braising oven with a thermometer. The principle of braising is reflection. The principle of indirect grilling has the advantage that it is not easy to burn, and the moisture of the meat is not easy to lose. The original flavor of the ingredients is guaranteed to the maximum extent. Once it is burnt, it is recommended to throw away the burnt parts and do not eat.

Mistake 4: Before grilling, prepare ingredients too early, especially meat.

             Don’t take the food out of the refrigerator too early. You can pickle it and put it in the refrigerator first, and then take out the ingredients after the oven is preheated. Especially in the hot summer, take it out in advance, which is easy to breed bacteria.

Mistake 5: Use the same plate or cutlery to put raw and cooked meat.

             Don’t use plates that have been used for raw meat to hold cooked meat, as this will easily contaminate cooked food. It is safer to change to a cleaned plate.

Mistake 6: Leave the rest of the barbecue outside for a few hours!

             It is recommended to bake according to the number of people, not to bake a large number of ingredients and let them wait for the guests to eat! If there is any leftover meat after the meal, it is recommended to refrigerate immediately.