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How to make barbecue eating more healthier

Barbecue is a kind of delicious food that people love to eat. Barbecue is even more popular among meat-eaters. At the same time, many health experts and news will remind people at any time: Eating barbecue is an unhealthy way of eating, and eating barbecue is easy to get Three highs (High blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar ) and cancer.Iin fact, this kind of worry still needs people’s attention. Paying more attention to the barbecue process can avoid and reduce the harm to the body caused by unhealthy barbecue methods and eating habits.

  1. Adding a protective cover

As we all know, in the process of barbecue, the fat decomposed by the meat directly burned at high temperature drops on the charcoal fire, and then combines with the protein of the meat to produce a highly carcinogenic substance called benzopyrene. If this substance adheres on the surface of food, people are easy to ingest this carcinogen; therefore, when cook, try not to let grease drip on the charcoal. You can add tin foil to wrap the food before grilling, or add a oil drip pan under the grilling grid to prevent the grease from dripping directly on the charcoal。

   The latest HJMK mini kamado grill,The food do not come into contact with flame;When grilling,the food is isolated from the flame;set up with oil drip pan;It does not produce ash and smoke during barbecue grilling,It is hygienic and easy to clean,very suitable for kitchen used.

  1. Avoid eating burnt food

When grilling, it often happens that the food is scorched because the temperature is not well controlled.and the scorched part of the food contains carcinogens. Therefore, DO NOT eat the burnt food. If you are afraid of waste, you can cut off the burnt part of the food before eating; at the same time, avoid excessive consumption of fatty meat.

3.Avoid drinking beer and eatting barbecue at the same time

Drinking beer while eating barbecue is not good for your health and will increase uric acid. During the barbecue, food itself produces a kind of carcinogen called “heterocyclic amine compound”. Alcohol can make carcinogens easily absorbed by the body. Seafood, animal offal and most meats are high-purine foods, which will eventually decompose the nucleic acid in beer into uric acid. When the uric acid in the blood exceeds a certain solubility, it will be deposited in the joint cavity, causing some joint swelling and pain. And a series of symptoms. You can drink water, beverages instead of beer.

  1. Don’t put too much seasoning

Some people with heavy tastes will choose to add too much seasoning to the barbecue in order to get a better taste when they eat barbecue. Too much seasoning will increase the burden on the body and bring some harm; it is recommended to put less seasoning when grilling.

5.Choose diversified ingredients

  If you want to eat healthy barbecue, you must pay attention to the appropriate combination of meat and vegetables. In addition to choosing low-fat meat as much as possible, you should also pay attention to matching some fresh vegetables and fruits: corn, sweet potatoes, and fresh onions, peppers, small tomatoes, etc. Delicious and healthy food; it can help the human body to expel toxins from the body. Reduce the harm of barbecue toxins to the human body.

Barbecue is delicious not you have better not greedy to it!