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How To Grill Safely With Kamado Charcoal Grill?

When operating kamado charcoal grill, it is not only important to operate correctly and keep it clean, but also to follow some additional safety guidelines. It can be said that the most important thing to remember is how to avoid backfire, which is basically a large flame that may occur when the lid is opened. Here are ways to avoid this situation:

1.Open both vents and wait about 5 seconds.

2.Lift the dome slightly, about 1 inch, and wait about 3 seconds.

3.Open the dome completely!

This is a very simple process to ensure your safety, all you have to do is make sure your fire gets enough oxygen before opening the dome.

Here are some other safety tips for operating Kamado:

     Keep your Kamado outdoors, it is not suitable for indoor cooking. Your Kamado is not affected by rain and cold, but it should be covered when not in use.

     Never leave coal and ash in the grill unattended.

     Always wear gloves and protective clothing during, do not touch the Kamado body during use

     Wait until the ashes have completely cooled down before trying to remove them or clean the grill. Never try to discard the warm ashes.

     If your Kamado is in use or if there is still hot dust in it, do not try to move it.

     Do not remove Kamado from its grill table-other surfaces may catch fire and/or be damage.

     Avoid using flammable liquids when igniting Kamado. It may be absorbed by the ceramic and cause problems in the future. It is recommended to use an electric charcoal starter or a charcoal chimney starter.

     When operating your Kamado, keep children and pets away.