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The evolution process of kamado grill

             The main feature of Kamado BBQ grill is,Braise the food in an enclosed place,Heating the food continuously till well cooked.

             In recent years,Kamado grill are widely used by North American family .

             Similar with the technique of triditional kiln roasting cooking,Which suitable for BBQ cooking big chunk of meat.

             Morden kamado grill normally made of ceramic clay.For most of Asian,The BBQ food is always the street kebab.As they usually like to eat the small pieces of food.

             In contrast, in most of western countries,They usually have BBQ cooking at their backyard,garden.And they like BBQ cooking with big chunk of meat,such as whole chicken ,brisket,lamb steak.

What the original KAMADO looks like

             The initial kamado was designed as a primitive stove,The whole stove body is the structure which seperated with the main part.

             The outstanding feature is the ceramic stove body which fixed on to the clay floor ,with wood burnning inside.The big jar like bowl holded tighgly on top hollow circle of stove.

             The temperature of stove and the inner burning were both adjusted by a calibrated air vent system.


             Over generations evolution,There are many upgrades for the popular kamado on the market.Most of the common design is like this kind: Made of ceramic clay,with thermometer and top air vent,ash drawer with air vent in the middle of ceramic body.

             Assemble with moveable cart at the bottom of the ceramic kamado.Though with heavy weight,They can be moved with the cart.

             Usually burning with charcoal or wood as fuel.For people who live in the high floor, This kind of kamado grill is not suitable for them, (With big volume and charcoal fuel type).

             As fuels used with wood or charcoal burning is not safe for indoor used.

             Due to the bulky volume of  the common kamado ,There is limited usage for lots of families .

             Our latest innovative HJMK Kamado breaks the appliance boundary of indoor BBQ KAMADO usage,let the people who live in high floor can also enjoy KAMADO cooking at home.

             The size of HJMK kamado grill is designed under 16 inch ,Which can directly used on kitchen gas stove or Electric infrared stove, Outdoor used on alcohol stove.It is more convenient for its heating ways.

             It is not only change the heating way,The apply occasion also changed,HJMK Kamado grill can widely used for RV caravan,yacht etc.It will become more easier for outdoor BBQ when you travelling and bringing with our HJMK Kamado.

             The requirement for BBQ grill always upgraded as time when by,The only certain requirement is for its function and safety performance.