You are currently viewing New live,Patent Kamado grill,Make your live so brilliant

New live,Patent Kamado grill,Make your live so brilliant

           Assume you are the person live in the high floor.Your apartment is not too big.In the hot Summer,Do you want to have a good BBQ party with friends in the house with  air condition opened,enjoy the nice BBQ food with nice people ?Imagine,That’s wonderful!But, how to choose a good BBQ grill for indoor use?

           Follow me to choose best one for your kitchen….

           This one is ok, But seems the bulky volume is too big for my small house ,also it is not suitable for my family used,There are only 4 members in my family.Let’s see the next model.

           This one looks great,I love it. Wait….Seems it is the type of charcoal kamado grill.As far as i know,It is prohibit to burn charcoal indoor,Or it will cause Carbon monoxide poisoning .Safty first, This kamado grill is not suitable for indoor used.Step it.

           This air fryer uses electrical.Will be safe for indoor BBQ .But,Is it the best choice for indoor BBQ?The small volume seems can’t cook a whole chicken and big chunk of meat.Also compare with the food’s flavor from air fryer ,i ‘d rather like the food from the flame’s BBQ cooking .

           Alright,It is time to announce the best choice for indoor BBQ cooking —–The new innovative patent design ,HJMK BBQ KAMADO grill,With elegant appearance and durable easily clean performance.

           Widely used indoor,outdoor and RV caravan BBQ.Suppports grill,roast,bake and instant boil.Support Multi-heating ways:Kitchen gas stove,Portable gas stove and electric infrared stove,Alcohol stove.

           20mm thickness of the ceramic body,offering superior thermal insulation function.Suitable for 2~5 people.

           HJMK mini Kamado grill—-Safty and convenient for indoor BBQ party.Choose it,You will never be regretted!

           Buy it now!