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HJMK 13 Inch Kamado Grill–Applicable to Indoors, Cabinets and RVs Travel

HJMK 13 Inch Kamado Grill

             HJMK 13 Inch Kamado Grill is a new type of multifunctional and modular design braising oven. Its components mainly are ceramic body, furnace core, grease vessel bowl, grease gathering plate, cooking grid, thermometer and top vent. The thickness of the ceramic body is 2 cm, which is fast heating-up and not easy to lose the heat. This kamado grill has the function of constant temperature, heat preservation and reflection temperature when it reaches a certain temperature. These functions make it keep food hydrated and a better flavour. The diameter of the ceramic body is 13 inch, which has good heat insulation performance and heat preservation function. This mini kamado grill is developed and made by HJKM Kamado Company, which has obtained relevant patent certificates in December 2019. 

          The biggest highlight of this product is the modular design. The module can be disassembled grilled. After assembly, it can be braised and grilled. The cooking area is divided into two layers (530cm²×2 layers, supporting 2-5 personal use). The mini kamado grill can be used with a variety of heating ways and grilling modes in different places. The stylish appearance can also make people really like it! The appearance looks more like a ceramic ornament.

          Various heating methods: household gas, electric stove, alcohol heater, portable gas stove etc.

          A variety of grilling modes: braising, grilling, roasting and can also be used as a pizza oven.

          Use in a variety of places: kitchen, balcony, outdoor, self-driving, RV, yacht, camping and other places.

            Compared with the common char-grilled Kamado, the new mini kamado grill is more convenient, healthy and safer. The heating method is changing from charcoal heat to combustion heat or electric heat. To design of heating the bottom furnace core and conducting heat to the furnace, which has effectively solved the troubles and sanitation problems of charcoal burning. The external thermometer and the top vent controlling make the heating effect more stable. The uniform heating method makes the meat more tender and pure. The freshness of the meat is unattainable by traditional barbecues. The biggest feature of the mini kamado grill is to effectively lock the moisture of the food and retain the original colour and flavour of the ingredients. The product is very suitable for home barbecues in high-rise families.