You are currently viewing A kind of multi-function BBQ kamado grill,Suitable for Asian people who live on the high floor

A kind of multi-function BBQ kamado grill,Suitable for Asian people who live on the high floor

“ Kamado HJMK ”

            HJMK Kamado grill is the latest product integrated with several innovative technology .Similar as the series of charcoal kamado grill ,HJMK Kamado grill also is made of heat resistant ceramic shell,locks food’s moisture during cooking,to get best flavor. It can easily control the cooking temperature and food’s taste by the top air vent.Although the inner diameter is only 13 inch,The double layer grid can offer enough BBQ cooking food for 2-5 peoples.The cooking grid is made of stainless steel,and the grill pan bellow cooking grid is made of alloy.It is with non-adhesive coating which can prevent the grill pan from food adhesive.The oil collection basin bellow the grill pan is made of enamel,with high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance performance,It can mainly prevent the cooking oil dropping down onto the furnace core,therefore reduce the cooking oil and smoke.Just need to pour the cooking oil out of the oil collection basin after cooking.

            HJMK Kamado grill is easily cleaned and less smoke.It supports several heating ways: Home nature gas stove、Electric infrared stove、Alcohol stove etc..Makes BBQ more simple and convenient.And what’s more,It can used for grilling、roasting、instant boil ,also used as a high efficiency pizza oven.Combine with Korean instant boil, Japanese roast ,American braised roast type in one Kamado grill.

            Portable ,15 kg weights only ,you can take it when travelling.In case too heavy ,You can just take the grill pan and the oil collection basin for instant boil cooking. Also need one portable gas stove,Super thermal insulation performance,makes the food keeping best flavor even when outdoor.

            HJMK Kamado grill,provide professional BBQ accessories,includes:Chicken tray bracket,Gripper,Heat-resistance Gloves