You are currently viewing Charcoal BBQ&Gas BBQ ,which will be more healthier?

Charcoal BBQ&Gas BBQ ,which will be more healthier?

            BBQ cooking is the most popular cooking way in lots of countries.There are several kinds of different BBQ type.Just as Charcoal BBQ ,Gas BBQ and Electrical BBQ.Which kind of these will be more healthier and with better taste?Different people have different opinions.

            Although Electric BBQ cooking is without cooking oil and smoke. Most of people do not want to choose this type ,as Electric BBQ taste less flavor than flame BBQ. Wood charcoal BBQ infuse with wood charcoal fragrant with good taste.But charcoal BBQ is not eco-friendly and not healthy for people,Also with heavy cooking oil .Sometimes it is burning carbon monoxide which is not safe for indoor BBQ.The popularity of gas BBQ is due to the national environmental protection requirements.As gas bbq is smoke-free and eco-friendly.So there are many people would like to choose gas BBQ cooking type.But as common gas BBQ is used with flame cooking ,It won’t be easy to handle the cooking temperature .Therefore the common gas BBQ food will not easily be well cooked.

            Is there a kind of kamado grill,Suitable for indoor BBQ and with great flavor?The latest HJMK kamado grill can perfectly answer this question.Designed in morden elegant  appearance, It incorporates the technology of both charcoal kamado grill and gas BBQ grill, Supports multiple heatig ways:Nature gas stove,Alcohol stove and Electric infrared sstove.Suitable for outdoor and indoor BBQ.Supports grilling,roasting,baking and instant boil. Small egg shape with enough BBQ cooking volume (Double layer cooking grid area),suitable for 2~5 people.Built-in thermometer,which can ealisy control the cooking temperature.

            Close the kamado grill lid,One touch start the nature gas switch,A fantastic meal is waitting for you and your family soon.Enjoy BBQ lives,start from HJMK Kamado grill!