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Enjoy Sunshine,Beach.Have a great BBQ party with frineds on Yacht

In today’s pace of life is getting more and more faster,On Holiday the relaxation moments with family and friends are more and more precious.In some European and American countries, some people like to drive their own yachts with family and friends to sea, enjoying the sunshine and beach, the quiet and slow pace of life.Eat some barbecue, drink beer, and take TikTok selfies.Relax moment and don’t forget to take care for yourself and your family’s appetite.People who likes barbecue take note:On yacht is not suitable for charcoal burning.As the kitchen on the yacht is a relatively closed space, charcoal burning produces carbon monoxide, which has hidden dangers for personal safety.So the charcoal kamado grill is not the perfect choice of barbecue kitchenware for a yacht.

Can people enjoy barbecue food safely on yacht?The answer is yes! Here is a new innovative gas bbq kamado grill.Designed and made by Shenzhen HJMK Kamado Technology Co.,ltd.HJMK Kamado grill is suitable for indoor and outdoor BBQ.With it.People can enjoy barbecue food at any time with family members and friends on yacht.

Double layer cooking area,One touch to start indoor BBQ lives, more faster and convenient.HJMK Kamado grill supports grilling, roasting ,baking and instant boil,Locks food’s moisture makes BBQ flavor tastes good.Suitable for 3~5 peoples food.Less smoke easy cleaned.Easily control the cooking temperature with thermometer and the top airvent.20mm thickness of the ceramic body,offering superior thermal insulation function.Special elegant appearance,high quality design, brings lots of pleasure for BBQ party on yacht.

HJMK BBQ Kamado grill,Make your yacht lives so amazing!