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Origin of KAMADO

          Modern barbecues became popular in the 1940s and 50s. The origin of Kamado barbecue can be traced back to about 3000 years ago when the Chinese invented the kiln-baked cookware. The innovation of kiln-baked cooking has always been prominent in some Chinese dishes. In modern times, many Chinese cuisines need to be kiln-baked to achieve the most authentic and traditional taste. In the Qin Dynasty 2225 years ago, they used a tripod to cook, and they threw the food directly into the tripod. This is why the tripod was so important in ancient times. With the upgrading and improvement of generations, the device was imported into Japan. The Japanese call it “kamado”.

             The original Kamado oven prototype is completely different from the Kamado oven we see today. Today’s grill is based on a new design concept. Kamado’s original meaning refers to a stove or a fireplace, which is basically a place where a chef makes a fire and places a pot. Therefore, the most primitive Kamado is to cook food in a pot. Over time, the new generation of Kamado added a grill for barbecue, making it closer to the current Kamado grill, rather than the most original stove.

             After the 1940s, Westerners began to see the value of this kind of cooking and began to improve it. The improved kamado was more convenient and not easy to crack, and designed its appearance into different patterns and different colors. Until 2000, China’s industry developed rapidly, and China once again developed a modern version of kamado products, which are sold well in the North American market. The upgraded kamado can use different heating methods and can be heated by clean energy, such as alcohol stoves, gas stoves, and electric ceramic stoves. . The volume and weight have also become more compact and convenient. The latest kamado product on the market has been able to be placed on a gas stove to heat up, and has been treated with heavy oil fume. Ordinary homes can also enjoy Kamado’s barbecue fun.

             How does the new Kamado work?

             The new Kamado improves the cumbersomeness of charcoal burning, optimizes the internal grease guidance, and avoids the problem of oily smoke. Its characteristics are that it is light and convenient, clean and environmentally friendly. It is changed from charcoal to a variety of heating methods. The bottom furnace core can be directly heated by the cabinet gas, and the heat is transferred to the furnace, which effectively solves the troubles of charcoal burning and health and safety issues. The heating effect is more stable and even. The temperature can be controlled more conveniently, making the barbecue more tender and pure. The freshness of the meat is unattainable by traditional barbecues. The biggest feature of the braising oven is that it effectively locks the moisture of the food and retains the original color of the ingredients. It is very suitable for domestic families and homes. Barbecue, outdoor travel barbecue.