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Winter Kitchen BBQ

In the cold Winter days,The snow fell heavily and the cold wind blew;Want to have some warm and delicious Barbecue indoor?Do you want to stay at home and enjoy kitchen DIY BBQ?The people who own a big houses with garden and backyard,They can take BBQ party in these places.With family and friends,Drinking and eatting with barbecue foods ,Like big lump of mutton,brisket,the whole chicken,shish kebab,ham etc…

With one set of 18”-26” kamado grill,Can offer the rich feast for you and your relatives and friends. Such big size of Kamado,You may have collected several sets at home??With this kind of Kamado cooking type,Food is not easy to carbonize to produce harmful substances, nutritious and delicious that people will like the nice flavor.The kamado grill allow you to grill,roast,bake and smoke.can also used as pizza oven.The thickness of 20 mm ceramic body,offer with high temperature-resistant and super thermal insulation function.Although with small amount of smoke during BBQ cooking,It can be easy operated after starting charcoal.Built-in thermometer and top、bottom air vent,It is easy to control the food’s temperature at anytime.

As for the people who live in small house and high floor ,this kind of charcoal kamado grills are NOT suitable for them.One is the large volume and heavy weight will take up more space. Also it is well known that charcoal burning produces carbon monoxide,which has great risks to personal safety.

For such a resident group,Shenzhen HJMK Kamado Technology company launched a  innovative NEW type of mini kamado grill since this year,which with small volume and suitable for indoor BBQ.HJMK mini Kamado grill,small volume with big cooking area of double layer cooking grid.One time BBQ cooking offers enough foods for 2~5 people.The world first innovative external-heating kamado technology ,is the reason why HJMK mini Kamado can be used indoor.It can be used on kitchen gas stove,Portable gas stove and electric infrared stove and Alcohol stove.While ensuring the pure flavor of the barbecue, it can also ensure safety operation.HJMK mini Kamado grill allow grill,roast,bake and instant boil.

Can also used as pizza oven.With durable and portable handles ,Widely used indoor and outdoor,RV Travel and Yacht.HJMK mini Kamado grill is the first choice of BBQ cookware for people who live in high floor house!