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The kitchen Kebab DIY

The pace of work and life for modern people is too fast, and usually they have to order takeaway or go to the barbecue stall to buy skewers. This is not only time-wasting and uneconomical, but also does not guarantee that you can eat skewers that suit your taste. Now that you have a set of Shenzhen HJMK mini gas grill, you can grill your own kebebs at home. It won’t take you much time, just take out the grill pan and the drip pan module from the kamado grill,then put them on the gas stove.So you can turn on the natural gas switch for quick grilling cooking. In the process of grilling, basic operations such as oil brushing and kebabs turning can be carried out. The kebabs are finished grilled for about 15 minutes. Isn’t it fast and convenient for you?

Let’s take a look at the simple homemade skewers:

Step 1: choose meat ingredients

What are the key points to make a memorable kebab? That is to keep your eyes open when choosing meat ingredients. After countless tests, we found that the most ideal ingredient for kebabs is boneless meat. This meat is full of flavor, not fat or thin, and inexpensive with good-quality, most importantly, boneless. The meat can withstand high temperatures and will not become too dry during the grilling process.

Chicken, boneless and skinless chicken ingredients are good choices. Unlike chicken breast, even if it is slightly over-roasted, the thigh meat is still juicy and does not require much processing before grilling.

Lamb, the meat of lamb shoulder is soft and tender, the price is cheap, and its fat to lean ratio is just right, which is suitable for barbecue.

Beef, boneless short ribs can beat all other candidate meats. Its meat is firm, fat lines are clearly visible, and it tastes crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Pork, you must think that pork shoulder is used for smoking or stewing, I think so too. But the grilled pork shoulder tastes really good.


Step 2: Fancy Meat Skewers

Barbecue lovers will not just cut the ingredients into pieces at will and string them together. We have found that different shapes of meat need to be processed differently to ensure that the ingredients can give full play to its potential. This also means that you need to cut the meat into the right shape and insert it in the right way. This requires you to be flexible, but this little effort can indeed be exchanged for a big return. Here are the three most popular skewers techniques.

Step 3: Season the ingredients

Now is the time to be creative. A small piece of meat has several surfaces, so no matter what you apply on the surface of the food, whether it is marinade, vanilla spice, or barbecue sauce, it will have a huge impact on the food. One is that it can add flavor, and the other is can shorten the barbecue time. Here are a few ways we can season on our ingredients.

Dry rub

This step can be carried out before the barbecue, because the skewers are grilled for a very short time, and you don’t have to worry about the spice being burnt.


When dealing with large pieces of meat, we don’t think that pickled can play a decisive role. But for the meat on skewers, when time is too tight, the marinade can quickly penetrate into the ingredients. In addition, there is an additional benefit, that is, the meat will become soft and tender.

Barbecue sauce

Brush the surface of the skewers with barbecue sauce from time to time, or use the remaining marinade. The temperature of the grill will make the barbecue sauce form a glaze on the surface of the skewers, making the skewers more delicious.

Step 4:choose kebab stick: wooden OR metal

Metal baking sticks will not catch fire, do not need to be soaked in water like wooden stick beforehand, and can be recycled. We tried a variety of different lengths and shapes of grilling skewers, and finally found the best one: 25 cm long, sharp at one end and flat in shape, which can prevent the ingredients from spinning on the baking skewers, and the other end is a large hollow circle. Ring, can be easily held.

Step 5: Control the heat

Brush a thin layer of cooking oil on the grill pan, and place the skewers on it in a round shape and start grilling. It can be grilled on a high fire at first, and when the skewers make a sizzling noise, start to grill on a medium fire. When grilling for 6~8 minutes, brush some oil on the surface of the skewers, and quickly turn it over to continue grilling the other side for 6~8 minutes. You can see that the meat is well grilled and the surface is golden and tender. Put it on a plate and let it wait for 5 minutes before serving.

When other flavors are needed, you can make some homemade dipping sauce to dip and eat, which will make kebab getting more delicious.

Step 6: Cleaning the grill pan

After grilling the skewers, There will be some meat carbides and grease residues on it. Just pour out the oil from the drip pan, soak it in water with the grill pan for an hour, and then wash it. Very convenient and simple. It is necessary to keep the grill pan and drip pan dry after each cleaning, kepp them clean and dry for the next time used.