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Why Are Kamado Grills So Popular?

For people who are willing to buy a kamado ceramic grill oven, especially a large-size Kamado, it must be because of their love for the unique flavors and multi-functional use that this grill can cook. Kamado ceramic grill is indispensable for RV travelling, camping, courtyards, parties and many other occasions. He can not only bake delicious food, but also add warm and happy colors to various casual gatherings. And for deep enthusiasts who are keen on cooking with kamado, their favorite must be the unique taste brought by kamado cooking? Why can Kamado cook delicious food with unique flavors?

The main function of the Kamado ceramic oven is to maintain the softness of the meat through indirect smoking and heating of the meat. It has the best ability to lock the moisture of the food and make the meat taste so tender. Kamado’s design and materials are the main reason why it is so unique.

●Egg shape


Except for gas grills and electric hoods, most grills use wood blocks as combustion fuel. Basically, the heat generated by burning fuel is channeled into the meat. Most grills have an airtight terrace, lid, or lid to capture the heating fumes from the final roast. When the heat reaches the round wall of the grill, it is effectively reflected back to the cooking food. This is because the nearly circular egg shape makes each reflection distance in different directions uniform, which may reduce the heat loss during the transmission process, and finally form a heat cycle inside the grill.

●2-2.5cm ceramic wall


 We all know that the kamado grill is made of ceramics. This makes the grill also a great help in retaining moisture. The thick wall greatly rejects heat transfer from the outside and locks it firmly in the grill. Most people will wonder, when all the heat is concentrated inside, the grill is not easy to break? Don’t worry, there are tiny gaps in the ceramic wall, which are very helpful for heat dissipation, so we sometimes call the kamado grill as a breathable grill. At present, most grills are made of metal, such as the Weber grill, which is by far the classic grill. It is made of steel, yes, metal has good fast heat transfer performance, but due to the characteristics of the metal itself, it also quickly dissipates heat. This grill is unlikely to make food tender.

The unique material and unique shape design is why the Kamado ceramic grill can cook unique flavors of food.