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HJMK Kamado Braised Oven Making Classic “Crispy Pork Belly”

HJ-13 external heat type, braising tutorial (for 3-5 people)
Crispy kebab is the most professional


85 points


85 points






70 minutes

Applicable number

3~5 people

Food Material:

Fresh pork belly


Five-spice powder (star anise, cumin, pepper, cinnamon, cloves), white sesame (must be raw sesame)


  1. First soak in clean water for 90 minutes to soak out the blood in the meat. There is a heavier fishy smell in the blood of the pig. The blood will affect the taste, and the meat after soaking will be whiter.
  2. You need to drain it first.
  3. Shave the pig hairs on the surface of the pigskin.
  4. Marinate; 5 strips of meat, 3 lengths and 2 shorts, add 25 grams of five-spice powder + 100 grams of raw white sesame seeds. A piece of meat is fully fused with spices and marinated for 30 minutes.
  5. To dry, you can use a hot fan to blow against the skin until the skin is hard, and the whole meat is like bacon for the best effect. If not, let it dry for 1 hour.
  6. Open the grill, half-open the damper, roast for 50 minutes at 100°C, and fully open the damper for 20 minutes at 150°C. Place the meat flat on the grill with the pig skin facing down, so that the pig skin can be fully heated and the surface of the pig skin becomes Burst to achieve a crispy effect.

          During the roasting process, the pig skin must be towards the bottom of the high temperature. Don’t turn it over to achieve the effect of bursting the skin. This is a key step. When the small bubbles bursting out of the whole skin are complete, it is a qualified crispy skin. Pork belly.

          After being out of the oven, cut into small pieces, dry and crispy with a tangy fragrance, and can be matched with cumin, spicy, plum sauce and other dipping materials.